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"Someone Else's Eyes"

Live Video: In Studio at Houston's Channel 55 Listen to the album version HERE

You've grown up together She knows you protect her She follows your every move Your influence is endless Her hero, her best friend She's watching & learning from you

How does it feel to know that she looks up to you

CHORUS Tell me who ya gonna be When she's watching, when she's watching Tell me who ya gonna be Try to see yourself Through someone else's eyes You're facing the pressure

Could easily hurt her You're fading in with the wrong crowd Be careful what you do Consider how you choose Influences how she turns out You can't undo the damage, it's up to you CHORUS She'll be affected if you're misguided But you should do this for yourself She understands how good your heart is And that's what she sees in your eyes (She's watching, she's watching)

(She'll follow your every move)

(She'll do everything you do) CHORUS You've grown up together She knows you protect her She follows your every move Written by Misha Williams, John Gordon & Lene Dissing BEHIND THE SONG: "Someone Else's Eyes" was kind of the theme song of my life for the early part of my artist career - it was my life mission to be a good role model for young girls - something I took so seriously that it affected most decisions I made on a daily basis. To this day, it is still one of my favorite songs I've written because of the impact it has made on people. One of the most humbling compliments a person can receive was given to me because of this song. I was on a radio tour in England and performed this song live on DearneFM with a very sweet DJ named Rachel. She got emotional at the end of the song and felt a little embarrassed that something had come over her. I thought it was sweet that she felt such a connection to my song. I returned to the station for another interview a few months later, and she had discovered that she was pregnant a few days after my first interview. Her motherly instincts must have kicked in, and she was so touched by my song that she told me if she had a girl, she wanted to name her Misha. I am very honored to report that there's a very sweet little girl by the name of Misha living in England. If that's not a reward for doing what you love, I don't know what is.

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