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"Like I Deserve To Be"

I tell myself the spotlight's not what I want

Sometimes I believe it, sometimes I don't

I say it's easier this way I'd get hurt, betrayed like I did again, oh oh I hadn't seen the worst but was it worth

The risk I'd take, the time I'd waste To lay my heart and soul out and wait for judgement 'Cuz if I opened up and didn't feel the love Then I'd have to face that I'm not good enough And am I tough enough not to let it crush me CHORUS Gotta take a step back Reaccess, evaluate who I used to be When I was happy Before I let the pressure step on me I do it to myself I never let my feet rest vertically Just wanna be happy Like I deserve to be Oh happy like I deserve to be Sometimes I need tears to stream down my cheeks For no other reason but to feel release 'Cuz I make myself real busy So I don't feel so empty, fill it up, up up How'd it get to be that the way I see Myself is based on what I achieve And what I do in between doesn't really matter I'm always on, but I want it off Take some time to waste doing normal stuff Slow it down, watch the ripples in the water CHORUS Getting back to basics might be what I need So I can put together the best recipe CHORUS Written by Misha Williams © 2013 by Velvet Vine Publishing BEHIND THE SONG: Nashville has a way of bringing you up and bringing you down in waves. The competition can challenge the confidence of even the most seasoned singers & songwriters. Having a lot of goals can make it even more difficult determine where to focus your energy sometimes. You start trying to do everything - burning yourself out, constantly juggling the balance of productivity & trying to unwind. I had been feeling uninspired with radio lately & heard Ed Sheeran's song "The A Team" - I have no personal relation to the story of his song but felt drawn to his honest approach and immediately began writing this. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and be vulnerable - the thing that most people relate to but that writers are sometimes afraid to share, including myself.

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