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"Mine For A Lifetime"

Listen to the demo HERE

I carried a heart without hope

Love was just mirrors and smoke

When all of the right ones turned out wrong

Wondering where i belong

It’s easier to just give up

It’s funny just when I let go

That's when you looked at me

A moment changes everything


One look, one touch

Like love falling from the sky

You and I, your eyes tell me that you’re mine for a lifetime

One kiss, that’s it

That’s all it took to change my mind, just in time

Baby I can’t believe you're mine for a lifetime

I just didn’t see all the signs

That you’ve been out there all this time

Every choice we ever made

Led one step closer to today

Pointing us the right way home

I can’t remember life before

It’s all in front of me

Forever changes everything


It’s like a dream with no beginning and no end in sight

A lifetime won’t be long enough when it’s this right


Written by Misha Williams, Doc Holladay & Ryan Holladay © 2014 by Velvet Vine Publishing (BMI); © 2014 by W D Holladay Music (BMI) BEHIND THE SONG: This is the first song I wrote with Doc & Ryan shortly after Doc & I met. His wife called me and said they were working on a song (literally at that moment) and asked if I wanted to come over and join them. Luckily, I wasn't in the middle of anything, and I went over and wrote with both of them for the first time. Ryan & Doc already had the concept started, so I jumped in on some melody ideas for the chorus, which we decided to roll with. This song jumpstarted a great performance relationship as well, as Doc, Ryan & I have performed together as a band on several occasions, which is ridiculously fun. With Ryan on guitars, banjo, mandolin & vocals, Doc on guitar & vocals, me on leads & background vocals, and our friend Tom on percussion, we have had some great times on stage together. The video above is from a solo performance of Ryan performing the song, and there is a recording of me on lead vocals on the MUSIC page.

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