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"Made From Scratch"

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The moment I held you for the first time I knew you’d be a fighter My fair and fragile little angel You're my survivor

You might be different

But you're precious to me

I didn't know then

I was missing something, until


God took out His paint brush

And sat quiet for awhile

Closed His eyes and pictured

A very special child

All the traits He painted

Make you perfect it in His eyes

What a miracle is that

God made you from scratch

A mother always knows when something's wrong Even if we can’t fix it When the kids call you names I’d hate to think that you believe them

When you look in the mirror

Your dream's incomplete

Someday I hope

You can see what I see


It was no mistake

You were made this way

Drawn outside the lines

One stroke at a time

You were meant to be

A masterpiece

A masterpiece


God made us all from scratch

Written by Misha Williams, Alice Lankford & Jimbo Martin © 2014 by Velvet Vine Publishing (BMI) & Happy Planet Publishing (ASCAP) BEHIND THE SONG: This song is quite possibly one of my proudest accomplishments as a songwriter, and I had the pleasure of writing this with 2 people that I adore as friends and fellow songwriters. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places...conversations, music, magazine articles, books... this idea was inspired originally from a TV show. I've seen pretty much every episode of Grey's Anatomy, and one episode had a character that had been in a bad accident and was going to have to go through intense physical therapy to recover. She was afraid to tell her mother about the accident because her mother always told her to be careful because she made her "from scratch." I knew there was something impactful in that idea and started brainstorming. I brought the idea to Alice and Jimbo, and they loved the idea. We knew we were on to something potentially special if we could just get it right. We tried several different angles and storylines before finding the "right one." We knew it was the right approach when we started getting emotional while writing the song. We wanted to make sure this story could be relatable to all parents, all families, anywhere, everywhere. The chorus came quickly... we just knew that it was right. It is, of course, the most important piece of this song to me. To me, God's creations are the most beautiful concept. There are really no comparable words to express the beauty, perfection, and purpose in God's creations, but I hope we have given even a miniscule amount of glory to Him in our attempt to express the concept in this song.

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