"Stars Align Us"

I've found your mystery in the mountains The valleys of your voice Your pulse within the wind You're a river that's rushing to the ocean You're flowing through my veins Your river fills me in And it feels like, it feels like The first time with you

CHORUS Every moment Every sunset Moves us closer They can't deny us Clouds are breaking Doubts are fading The way they must As the stars align us I see the constellations dreaming The willows weeping tears Until we meet again

And it feels like, it feels like The first time with you CHORUS It's in the storm You're in the rain

I see your face in everything The universe behind your lips CHORUS Written by Misha Williams & Blake Mundell (c) Velvet Vine Publishing (BMI) BEHIND THE SONG: This the the first song that Blake and I wrote together. We met in a Belmont University songwriting class, and somehow, our conversation evolved into a discussion about the Phil Collins song "You'll Be In My Heart" from the Tarzan movie. I guess that's why we channeled all of the natural wonders we decided to include in the lyrics on this one!

#nature #truelove #firsttime #universe #mothernature #mystery #sunset #mountains #ocean #river #philcollins #tarzan

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